Dim sum and then some

Mandarin Court
61 Mott Street
Chinatown, NYC
212 608 3838
Luc:  There is one place in Chinatown, and it may not look like much from the outside — or the inside — but the food is phenomenal.   I personally like the rice.  It’s a mixture of sticky rice, beef, leeks, and herbs. It’s outstanding.  I order it everytime.

  dim sum sticky rice

 Christine:  Among my favorites are the seafood dumplings: scallop, mixed and crab.   There is also a rice that comes wrapped in a banana leaf.  Last time we had already paid the bill and it came around.  That didn’t stop us…. If you don’t see it on the cart, just ask.  They’ll say “it’s coming,’ but if it isn’t keep asking or just go ahead and order it.