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Created by Luc, self-described carnivore. Among his favorites: Skirt steak, pork, STEAK! (“I like any kind of steak.”), lamb chops, porchetta.

A Ham of a Night

Luc: We went to Againn (pronounced A-GWEN) in Washington, D.C. The ham is amazing. It has a great flavor. A bit salty with a nice smokiness, but very light. All their ham is smoked and cured in the restaurant itself. It was so good, I ate mine and my friend’s. I recommend the ham we had: Allan Benton’s 14-month country ham with sheep’s milk ricotta, frantoia olive oil. Also comes with great chewy-and-crispy toast. I just ate it plain (with my fingers).

Christine: We salivated as the waiter pain-stakingly described the daily roast — pork loin with the belly, rolled and seasoned with rosemary and cooked for hours to achieve a moist meat on the inside and crispy cracklin on the outside. It was easy among a table of six to order the minimum two portions. Along with dumplings, a delicate gnocci with luscious cheese and bacon (I’m sensing an obsession here on both sides of the kitchen). Of all the generally delicious items (highlights were the mushy peas that came with the fish and chips; butterball potatoes that came with the pork roast and with the hearty grandmother’s chicken), the most delectable, plate-licking is the heirloom apple sauce. We didn’t hesitate for a second when we raved and they offered to bring us some more. Everyone put it on everything. We also devoured the Banoffee Pie with the same gusto. Bananas, caramelized milk, graham biscuit, cream, ganache. Beyond delicious.

Againn, pronounced ‘aguinn’ {ah-gwen}, loosely translates in gaelic as: “at us, “with us” or “are you going?” A “contemporary British Isles pub,” the restaurant “proudly serves sustainable seafood, organic meats, and produce from select local farms.”

1099 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 639-9830