Blistering Hot

Luc: One of my all-time favorite dishes is the blistered peppers with sea salt at Tia Pol — right in our Chelsea neighborhood.  Not always on the menu, look on the chalkboard for daily specials.

Blistered Peppers

Christine: Luc wanted to try and re-create them with an everyday green bell pepper.  He headed for the knives to slice them up and I told him to hold off, I had a surprise for him. His eyes lit up along with the stove as I placed the pepper directly on the flame.   He went for the tongs, turning frequently for the perfect blistered effect.  Off the stove and onto the cutting board Luc removed the seeds, moved them to a plate, sprinkled with sea salt and declared them just as great.  Okay, nearly as great, he admitted, but equally satisfying by having made them himself.

Tia Pol
205 10th Avenue
(between 22nd and 23rd)
New York, NY 10011-4719
(212) 675-8805


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