My Day with Bobby Flay

By Luc Cea-Sanson

Summer is grilling season.   During Spring break I met the Grill Master himself, Chef Bobby Flay, on the set of a video series of cooking demonstrations he appears in for Hellmann’s mayonnaise, a product made by my mom’s company, Unilever.  The series is part of Hellmann’s Real Food Project to help families cook and eat better.  I’m in the videos, too! There are new ones (and a sweepstakes and coupons) all summer long at

I love to cook… any style, anything. Bobby’s a great “burger guy” and he gave me a few tips:

The first is to make a well by pressing your thumb into the burger.  This will contain the juices as the burger expands when it cooks. The second tip is to only flip the burger once and third is don’t press the burger down or the juices will run out.

Hanging out on set and appearing in a video with Bobby Flay, I mean, that’s cool!  I can’t believe how much crew, lighting, props and cameras there are on set.  So much goes into the making of a two-minute video – and that’s only a short list!  While on set I had the chance to speak with the grillmeister.

Luc Cea-Sanson: If you could eat any food everyday, what would it be?

Bobby Flay: A cheeseburger and vanilla ice cream.

LCS: Why did  you want to work with Hellmann’s on the Real Food Project?

BF: Hellmann’s has been a part of my life since I was a kid.  I think it’s a fantastic product and it’s also good for you – it’s made with eggs, oil and vinegar.

LCS: When did you start cooking?

BF: My first memories of cooking were when I was six and made devilled eggs with my mom and Hellmann’s!

LCS: What is one important cooking tip you could give someone?

BF: Not to be intimidated.  A lot of times, people over-think it and all it takes is some common sense.  Also, when you’re grilling or sautéing something, the best advice I could give is leave it alone, let the grill or the pan do its job.


5 responses to “My Day with Bobby Flay

  1. Luc you are a born foodie and budding journalist! What a great experience for you to meet Bobby Flay!!!

    • hi mardy,

      christine here. thanks soooo much for the comment. Luc left for sleepaway camp yesterday and won’t have access to see your compliment, but i’ll certainly let him know!


  2. Luc – nice article! It gives a great insider look at what it feels like to be on-set with Bobby. Glad to see you had a great experience =)

  3. Hi, Luc! It was great to meet you at BlogHer. I loved this post. You write really well, and pressing your thumb down into the middle of the burger may just be the single best grilling tip I’ve ever read, because I would have never thought of that on my own in a million years. I will passs these on to my husband, our family’s CBO (Chief Barbecuing Officer). You seem like a great kid; enjoy the summer!

  4. Great post and interview Luc!! I was so fun meeting you and you are an AWESOME tour guide!!! Thanks for recommending Eleni’s chocolate chip cookies I took some home to my daughter’s and they were gone in no time! they loved them- as did I! lol

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