Plateau Reaches New Heights

One of the specialties of coastal regions in France, such as Normandy, are shellfish platters called plateaux de fruit de mer. Oysters, stone crabs, escargot and assorted coquillages whose names don’t have any translation. Luc was eager to try. The look on his face when he did is priceless.
Escargohhhh!!!!Luc on the taste of snails: Interesting texture, very chewy. Too chewy to finish.
Tastes like sea. Surprisingly it didn’t have any sand

Our hosts in Normandy, created a plateau that surpassed any we had ever had at a restaurant. Monsieur cracked crabs and shucked oysters. Over the course of the week, Madame was a wonderful, inspirational cook.
She grilled lamb chops over an open fire, she whipped up a pork roast for lunch.

Grilling lamb chops

Grilling lamb chops

Her fruit platter could be featured on the cover of a magazine. Most amazingly of all, she made it look so effortless. Plateau de Fruits No less so than when she arranged her plateau. A sprinkling of berlingeaux here. The placement of torteau crab legs and bodies there, there and there. And then topping off with les huitres – the best oysters I have ever had.DSC_0153

When it came time to leave, Madame asked me what I would most want to take home from France. Without hesitation, and with all sincerity, I said: “You.”


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